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Child Abuse and Neglect in Greene County, Missouri

According to the 2012 Annual Report from Missouri Children’s Division, 5795 children were reported to the child abuse hotline in 2012. This is a rate of 99.28 per 1,000. Missouri’s average is 64.96 per 1,000.  Of these 5795 hotline calls, 320 incidents were substantiated affecting 466 children. This is a rate of 7.98 per 1,000. Missouri’s average is 4.44 per 1,000. Both in the case of reports and substantiated incidents, Greene County has shown to have a problem that is significantly greater than the rest of Missouri.


Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Community Collaborative Initiative was created in 1993 to respond to complex social problems. A baseline assessment was conducted that led to the creation of collaboratives around housing, transportation, early childhood education, the needs of seniors, and health. Over the years, the types of collaboratives have changed based on the needs of the community. As seen from the numbers above, it was time for this issue to be addressed.

The group began meeting in January of 2013. Darrell Moore serves as the Chair and Dan Patterson serves as the Vice Chair. Five sub-committees were created to focus on supporting children in child welfare, family support, marketing, bringing in the faith community, and mental health issues.

Strategy for ending child abuse and neglect: 

The group is being guided by Victor Vieth’s Unto the Third Generation, a 120 year plan to end child abuse and neglect, the 2012 Report from the Task force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children, and the experience of the local community. Victor Vieth believes that the solution lies in ensuring incidents are reported, empowering front line responders through education and training, and creating a unified voice for the child protection community. The State Report has 22 recommendations for preventing child sexual abuse. Some of these are being handled at the legislative level and others are being worked on by our group. In addition to these reports, we also held focus groups with local experts to ensure community input.

Have questions or interested in joining?

Contact Mandy Hagseth, Director of the Community Collaborative Initiative at Community Partnership of the Ozarks mhagseth@cpozarks.org Phone:  417-888-2020



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