Become a foster parent


To become a foster or adoptive parent, you must first complete the free, 3 hour respite training followed by the 27 hour foster parent training program called STARS. There are four local agencies that provide training to become a foster parent. These agencies are: Greene County Children’s Division, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, Missouri Alliance and Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. Each of these four agencies offer STARS training on a rotating basis, year round. These agencies collaborate to ensure that families are matched with the agency that best suits their needs, so foster families are served in a timely manner. During the STARS training, a foster care worker will complete your family’s home study which will include references, background checks and physicals. If your family is interested in adopting from foster care, you must also complete the free, 12 hour adoption training called Spaulding. These agencies are listed to the side. Please click on the link to get contact information.

Wanting to become a foster or respite parent but feel overwhelmed by all of the information? Don’t worry, fill out the form below and we will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Interested in Fostering?

* In Greene County, we are especially seeking families who are willing to open their homes to children and youth ages 8 and older, sibling groups and children with behavioral or medical challenges.

* Respite Care is also an important service that provides short term care for children in the foster care system. Your time could greatly impact the lives of children in the system, while also providing some time for foster parents to deal with emergencies, and/or find the rest that they need to continue their great work. If you are just interested in respite care, then you can go to Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association for more info.