Priorities and Tasks

Moving forward the Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative has created six priorities with 19 tasks. Each priority and task has some sort of method for determining success. As we work more on these issues, we will improve the methods of implementation and evaluation. For now, this document will serve as a guide for reducing Child Abuse and Neglect in our Community.

Priority # 1: Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

Priority # 2: Develop a state of the art child welfare system in Greene County, ensuring all children, families, and caseworkers will have the necessary resources and services needed for successful outcomes

Priority # 3: All abused children will be reported into the system

Priority # 4: Child protection professionals called on to investigate and repair families damaged by abuse must be competent to perform these tasks

Priority # 5: Springfield and Greene County will have a quality understanding of child abuse and neglect and will know how to respond to the needs of the community. (This is a modified goal from the State Task Force on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse)

Priority # 6: All businesses, civic, and faith-based organizations in Greene County that work with children will be prepared to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect

For more information please review the CAN Priorities.